AI Tool Releases (Week #50/23)

Discover the Latest AI Tools Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. This week, we’re bringing you the hottest new AI tools straight off the market. These innovative solutions are set to revolutionize everything from social media marketing to content creation and beyond. So, let’s dive right in!

Glambase: The Avatar-Influencer Creator

Meet Glambase, your personal influencer avatar creator. This cutting-edge tool not only generates a unique avatar for you but also creates a comprehensive content plan, sets up your social channels, and manages community interactions. The BETA-Version starts at €98 pM.

TSwift: Chat with Your Favorite Celeb

Ever fancied a chat with Taylor Swift? Now you can, thanks to TSwift. This AI-powered platform will make you feel like you’re having a real conversation with the pop sensation. Try it out for free today!

Rightsify: Copyright-Cleared Music Creation

Creating copyright-cleared instrumental music is now a breeze with Rightsify. For just €91 pM, you can generate unique soundtracks and enhance your digital content. #marketingdigital #marketingmasterclass

Photo AI Studio: Professional Photoshoots Made Easy

With Photo AI Studio, get a professional photoshoot with just one selfie. Just upload your picture, select your desired setting, and the AI will generate a realistic image. Plans start at €8. #onlinemarketingstrategies

Kwik Motion: Effortless Video Formatting

Bid farewell to the hassle of video formatting with Kwik Motion. This video editing tool intelligently and effortlessly transforms your vertical videos into horizontal format.

Hi Notes: Simplify Your Meetings

Finally, make your meetings more productive with Hi Notes, an AI voice transcription and summary tool. It transcribes your meetings and phone calls and provides concise text summaries.

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Author: Tommy Klein, CEO of sentimeo by using AI-Tool “Jasper”

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