Bulk Content Creation with ChatGPT & Canva: Does it work?

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I’m producing a new YouTube tutorial this week. There I show how you can produce 50 reels within two hours using the Jasper LLM and a CSV import in Canva.

But does it actually work? Are we really saving time and social media budget by doing this? YES! All we can do is implement it. The justification below. 👇

But first the answer to the question: “What does bulk creation mean?”. An example to illustrate: We have planned a “Quotes” content pillar within our social media strategy.

Step 1: Our LLM (e.g. Jasper or ChatGPT) is instructed to create 50 quotes related to our products/services. Time required including QA: 10 minutes.
Step 2: We export these quotes as a CSV file. Time required: 1 minute.
Step 3: We create a custom quote design in Canva. Everything within the framework of our CI. Final format: video template (9:16, reel). Time required: 1.5 hours.
Step 4: In Canva we import our CSV file using the bulk function. Canva generates 50 reels for us. We export these individually as MP4. Time required: 5 minutes.

Is this applicable in practice or not?🫣

The basic rule is: the content must be strong and offer added value for our communication target group. So please always check the quality of the content your LLM delivers.

Consistency and algorithm: If you meet this requirement,  this method has a positive impact on the consistency and thus the account-based algorithm of Meta and other social networks. Your organic reach on Instagram, Facebook & Co. will noticeably increase after two weeks of constant posting.

In the content mix with other topics, you can already use such content in several topic areas. This significantly reduces your production budget.

Under no circumstances does this content replace the necessary additional  “Now”-content (related to current topics, etc.).

Continue to review the strategic purpose behind your content. Such easily duplicated topic areas can certainly be found and implemented. This also reduces your production budget.

The visual quality of the content does not suffer.

So: out of the pilot phase and into the productive phase of AI in social media marketing. I’ll go with you!

To get started, book one of the last seats in my seminars or one of my masterclasses. I am looking forward to seeing you!❤️

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