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AI-POWERED ONLINE MARKETING: Your Beginners Guide for Chat GPT & Co.

Are you a marketing professional looking to integrate AI into your online marketing strategy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our AI-Seminar. All for only 49€ each seat.

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Hey, I'm Tommy!

I am soooo excited to meet you as a real human in this seminar. I’m Tommy and I’ve been working in digital marketing for over two decades. I am a lecturer and specialist book author and will teach you everything you need to know about using AI in online marketing in an easy-to-understand manner.

AI integration in Online Marketing

What's in it for you?

Our engaging live-seminar is designed for marketing professionals and online marketing managers with at least 2-5 years of professional experience in online marketing. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher, this seminar is right up your alley!

Expect to close the knowledge gap on how to use and integrate AI in Online Marketing. Gain a basic understanding of AI and learn how to practically apply Chat GPT and similar AI tools in your digital marketing strategies.

Big 5.

Ready for the 5 Reasons why you should Attend to Tommy's Seminar?

Demystify AI

Demystify AI

We make AI easy-peasy! Understand and apply AI in marketing - no tech genius required.

Master New Tools

Master New Tools

Get hands-on with cutting-edge AI tools like Chat GPT. Turbocharge your content creation game!

Revamp Your Strategy

Revamp Your Strategy

Learn how to weave AI into your campaigns. Be the trendsetter, not the follower!

Stay Ethical

Stay Ethical

Navigate the tricky terrain of data ethics in AI. Handle customer data responsibly and build trust!

Measure Success

Measure Success

Learn how to track and evaluate your AI-powered marketing success. Make smarter, data-driven decisions!

Ready to supercharge your online marketing with AI? Don’t wait – seats are filling fast!

Table of Contents

What you Learn

1. Basic understanding of AI

Gain a generic basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing, including how Chat GPT and related technologies work.

2. Practical application of Chat GPT & AI Tools

Learn how you can use Chat GPT and similar AI tools in practice to create engaging digital marketing content and take your customer communication to a new level.

3. Strategic integration of AI

Master the art of integrating AI into your digital marketing strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and develop innovative approaches.

4. Data protection and ethics:

Raise awareness of privacy and ethics issues in the context of AI in marketing and learn responsible practices when handling customer data.

5. Measuring success of AI

Gain the know-how to measure the success of your AI-powered marketing activities and evaluate your return on investment (ROI).

6. Questions & Answers

Tommy answers your questions from the live-chat. Be sure he will collect the most relevant questions from the participants.

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Yes, it’s really a live seminar. With real people. 🫣 You can ask Tommy your individual questions in the live-chat. Isn’t that coooool?

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The seminar is weekly on Wednesdays at Five past Five (05:05pm CET) so you can jump in at any week. It’s a 1.5 hours YouTube LIVE-Stream in English Language. So you only need a web browser and a internet connection.

But beware: the seats are limited!

Tommy Klein

Your Experienced Instructor
CEO & Founder of sentimeo

There are so many

Why choose us?

We believe in providing value to our attendees, and that’s why our seminar stands out:

  • Experienced Instructor: Learn from Tommy Klein, an industry expert with years of experience in both AI and online marketing.


  • Current Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date information on AI and online marketing trends.


  • Hands-on Sessions: Apply what you learn immediately with practical sessions.



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Your Pain Points, Addressed!

Struggling with understanding how to use AI tools? Having difficulty integrating AI into your marketing strategies? Or maybe, handling AI tools seems like a Herculean task? Whatever your pain points, we’ve got you covered!

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Most frequent questions and answers

This seminar is in English language. We are offering soon more languages like German, French, Italian, Spanisch and Polish. Our on-demand seminars are available in multiple languages.

We are using YouTube Live. You only need a web-browser and internet connection. A Google- or Youtube-Account is not required. You can also use your YouTube App on your smartphoneto join.

You will get the secret YouTube Live-Link a few hours before the event. by E-Mail. Please check your junk folder. If you got no link, please send us a WhatsApp…

The price is 49€ for each participant. You can use all major credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay through our Stripe gateway.

You can use all major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa. We also accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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It's time to discover the future of online marketing with AI. See you at the seminar!

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